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The Perpetual Motion Machine

Many people wonder if it is actually possible for a perpetual motion machine to exist. The thing I always respond to that statement, is "Look at the Earth, it is a perpetual motion machine". The Earth never stops turning, it is in perpetual motion, and it has no outside power source. It keeps on turning because of magnetic fields, and gravitational forces. These same forces can be used here on Earth to create the perpetual motion machine.

As of yet, no one has created the perfect perpetual motion machine that can produce useable energy at an acceptable level. The perpetual motion machine is something that inventors have been striving to invent for over 100 years, it has been the obsession of many intellectual thinkers. The reason why it is so appealing is because the perpetual motion machine requires no outside power source to operate. The machine would keep on working until the parts wear out, or until the user turns it off.

In essence the perpetual motion machine is the perfect construction when it comes to power sources. Today we use fossil fuels to power many of our machines, and these sources of energy pollute our atmosphere. In order to clean up our air we would require a perpetual motion device that could satisfy our energy needs. Such a device could be built that would be big enough for not only individuals to use, but also industries.

If we could copy how the Earth turns on its axis, and copy it's orbit in the form of a machine and its specifications, we could maybe get a working prototype. The Earth is just one example of a perpetual motion machine, there are several others. The other planets in our solar system are like the Earth, they turn continuously in their orbits. Another interesting perpetual motion phenomena is all matter itself. Everything vibrates, all matter vibrates at different frequency, this vibration is motion, and in essence the motion is perpetual. So really, everywhere you look there is matter, and everywhere you look there are perpetual motion devices. If we could discover how objects continue to vibrate continuously that might help in our quest to unlock the perpetual motion mystery.

Magnets are another interesting source of constant energy. Permanent magnets continuously deliver usable energy for years and years with no slowing of its capacity. No wonder inventors have turned to magnets as a means to achieving perpetual motion. Perpetual motion and magnets go hand in hand, it is a very attractive notion to build a perpetual machine with magnets. Magnets are a source of power that never diminishes, they also don't burn any fossil fuels, all things considered this makes them a good choice for a perpetual machine.

Despite the appeal of magnets for such a device, no one has yet to create a perpetual machine powerful enough to create usable energy. And if someone has created such a device they have not shared it with the rest of the world which is unfortunate. It has been said by some that a community in Europe actually built a perpetual machine that creates enough energy for their community to use. While this may or may not be true, these people are as of yet unwilling to share their technology.

Many people believe that we as a people are just not ready for such a technology. One thing is for sure, and that is that we would benefit from such a machine immensily.

Let us hope that some creative and intelligent inventor will one day soon create a perpetual motion machine that everyone can benefit from.

Perpetual Motion

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