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After searching on Youtube and other websites we have found some VERY interesting perpetual motion generators, however it doesn't seem like any of these generators actually produce any useable energy for consumption. One thing that is true is that many of these perpetual motion generators are amazing inventions. Most of them are more like perpetuum mobiles. They have perpetual motion but they are not machines that produce energy that we can use.

Of course this is a very big step forward when it comes to inventing a perpetual motion generator. Each different invention that pops up which does offer some sort of perpetual movement moves us ever closer to a device that can provide energy perpetually for us to use.

Here are some of my favourite videos of perpetual motion generators.

The following video shows the evolution of the inventor's inventions. The final result is truly amazing, by using magnets and some other parts his generator does move perpetually. When you look at this device you really see that a lot of ingenuity went into it. If this person had a website or something it would be cool. I am sure that a lot of people would like to also build a device like this, let's hope he can offer us a website that shows how to build it in the near future.

Here is a video showing a guy who went on the popular TV show called Dragon's Den and pitched a free energy generator that produces more power than it takes in which basically classifies it as a free energy device. It is a cool video and if the technology really works, it could change the world.

You can actually find lots of good videos on youtube that involve perpetual motion machines and magnets. Many of these devices have a lot of merit.

Perpetual Motion

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