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Is Perpetual Motion Possible?

Many people wonder if building a perpetual motion machine is possible. Could physicists be right? Does perpetual motion violate the laws of thermodynamics, and therefore it is impossible. One thing for sure is that many strange things that occur in nature cannot be explained by scientists, therefore perpetual motion could likely be possible as it may be a phenomena that occurs in nature which baffles physicists, and scientists alike.

The best example of a perpetual motion machine that actually works is the Earth. The Earth never stops turning despite the fact that it is a huge heavy object with no visible engine to make it spin on its axis and along its orbit. The Earth has been turning around and around for millions of years without ever stopping. The other planets in our solar system also contine on their orbits without stopping.

The likely explanation would have to do with gravity and magnetic forces. If we humans could duplicate the way the planets orbit, we could potentially have a working perpetual motion machine that we could use to harness free energy.

Of course if you were to propose this idea to physicists they would likely find a dozen or so excuses as to why this is not possible. Throughout history it have been those brave souls that have challenged modern thinking that have been able to achieve wondrous technological breakthroughs.

The Wright brothers were told over and over again that human flight was impossible, yet they succeeded and look at us today with untold numbers of planes flying through the sky.

My belief is that perpetual motion is possible, we just haven't figured it out yet. There have been rumours though of a community in Europe that have a working perpetual motion device that provides the community with ample power to satisfy their needs. The device is called the Testatika.

Here is the story.

The Testatika is an electromagnetic/electrostatic generator based on the 1989 Pidgeon electrostatic machine which includes an inductance circuit, a capacitance circuit, and a thermionic rectification valve. Allegedly a free energy machine that harnesses energy from the aether, the Testatika resembles in some respects a Wimshurst machine. It was built by German engineer, Paul Suisse Bauman, and promoted by a Swiss community, the Methernithans. The Testatika is also known as the Swiss M-L converter or Thesta-Distatica.

The machine's operation has been recorded for several decades, reportedly. Operating Testatika devices were recorded in the 1960s at a place called Methernitha (near Berne, Switzerland). The specific and precise working principles in the Testatika are unknown. From various sources, Testatika reportedly ultilizes design features of the electrostatic Pidgeon machine. The Testatika seems to possess an inductance circuit, a capacitance circuit, and a thermionic rectification valve. Devices heretofore seen have not used semiconductors or transistors.

Here is a picture of the Testatika device.


Here is a video that shows the device in action.

We have also written an article about the Testatika device you can read the free energy Testatika article here.

Another impressive device that has been built is the Finsrud device. It doesn't harness any energy, but nevertheless, it is a perpetuum mobile that actually works. A fascinating thing about the device is that it works with magnets and penduluums. It consists of a steel ball which rotates on a track, the ball keeps going round and round without stopping. It does this thanks to the magnets along the track and the motion of the penduluums. This device is a very positive step in achieving a perpetual motion machine that can produce useable energy. If someone could build upon this device and transform it into a device that could produce useable energy, we would be in business.

Here is a picture of the Finsrud perpetuum mobile.

finsrud perpetual motion

Perpetual Motion

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