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The Perpetual Motion Machine

This web site provides detailed information on perpetual motion devices that have been successfully created, and we will briefly touch on some devices which were created but didn't actually work. We also provide information on perpetual motion games, toys, watches and much more.

People often ask me if the concept of perpetual motion is actually possible. Physicists have long said how perpetual motion defies the laws of physics. My response to them is to just look at the Earth, the Earth and the rest of our solar system is a gigantic perpetual motion machine. The Earth never stops turning in orbit and it also never stops rotating on its axis. That my friends is proof that perpetual motion is possible. The Earth requires no outside energy source to keep on turning, it keeps on turning due to magnetic and gravitational forces at work in the solar system. If we could copy this model and apply it to a perpetual motion machine we could duplicate this system at work.

Doing this however is very hard work and it requires a lot of calculations and precision. You would need to have spheres that produce a magnetic field, and the spheres would have to be apart from each other at exactly the right distance, another challenge would be to have the spheres floating in mid-air to bring the friction factor to zero.

Despite the fact that it would be a challenge to build such a perpetual motion device, the Earth and its constant rotation proves that perpetual motion devices are possible.

No one to this day has created a perpetual motion machine which can actually produce energy such as electricity. However there have been some perpetual motion mobiles which do work, they showcase how perpetual movement is possible, however they don't produce any usable energy such as electricity.

The most well known perpetuum mobile to date is the Finsrud Perpetuum Mobile. It features a metal ball that turns around a penduluum, it is spectularly built and it features many parts that were carefully built. Inside our Magnetic Perpetual Motion page we will show you an actual picture of this device.

If someone was to successfully build a perpetual motion machine that could actually produce enough electricity to be used by humans it would change the direction we are currently in. The world would be so much better off if we had that kind of technology. We wouldn't have to burn fossil fuels anymore to generate power. The perfect perpetual motion machine would require no outside source of power and once in motion it would produce enough torque to generate significant amounts of electricity. This would be the main goal.

In order for a successful perpetual motion machine to be built put in production worldwide, there are several obstacles to overcome. First off, there are laws about patenting inventions that work on the perpetual motion principle, they are not allowed due in most part to our history of patenting many of these devices which did not work. Aside from patents, the big energy companies will do everything possible to avoid such a device becoming widely available. It would turn the way we create and use energy upside down. Energy would become free for the taking, and anyone could buy a perpetual motion machine or create one and hook it up to their houses for use.

That is one of the main reasons why perpetual motion machines have been dismissed as impossible, companies just don't want these machines around.

Perpetual Motion

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